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Gynecological laparoscopy is an alternative to open surgery. In order to perform open abdominal surgeries, surgeon makes a cut which is large enough to have adequate visibility, access to the abdominal organs and allow the use of hand-held surgical instruments. Depending on the size of the patient and the type of operation, the cut may be 6 to 12 inches in length. There is a significant amount of discomfort associated with these cuts .They have more blood loss, prolonged hospital stay, and longer recovery time post-surgery. These traditional techniques have long been used and taught to generations of surgeons, they are widely available. Laparoscopy requires advanced technical skills and specialized equipment. Surgeons often have more experience with some techniques than others and can discuss with you the specific technique recommended for your operation. Laparoscopic surgery refers to a technique where the surgeon makes several small cuts about half an inch in size, instead of a single large incision. For major surgeries, 3-4 cuts are needed. Small tubes are placed through these cuts and into the abdomen. Carbon dioxide gas is used to fill the abdomen so that the surgeon has room to work. With this, the surgeon uses a camera (which can be single chip, 3 chip, High definition and 3 D cameras) attached to a thin metal telescope ( laparoscope) to watch a magnified view of the abdomen on monitors. Special instruments are passed through the trocars to take the place of the surgeons hands and traditional surgical instruments.


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