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by Unknown on Blank Business Name
April - 2, 2012

I am in my 30's beginning and in 7 years of married life I am yet to deliver a healthy baby. I now need to look for assisted ways of getting pregnant. As I am working in Bangalore, I can't afford to go to my Gync in Chennai as I might have to start going on any day of each month and 4 days a week. Fortunately I got to know Dr Sudha who is my friend's relative. She suggested me Dr Shanthala Thuppanna working at Beams hospital.During my first visit, I saw all the previous patients going inside her room and retuning in five minutes maximum. Also I saw some of them coming out in 2 minutes. I was curious to know if she would also give me my previous experience at another Bangalore hospital a few years ago. I was also worried. But when went in, it took 25 minutes for her to get our history and she wanted to scan me. Within 10 minutes, I was taken to u/s and she confirmed PCOS there. She asked me to continue my previous medications and to reduce my weight (I know this !! :-) ).She also gave me tablets to get my AF, I went on my second day of AF to get my blood tests done. My hormone levels were not great as I have PCOD. My husband's tests were as usual good enough. Next month I went on my second day of AF to get u/s done. She gave me some tablets for five days and gave some HSG injections during my later appointments of the month. This month I was given a trigger on Day 18th. Next month I got my AF. Even though I did not conceive, I was happy because now my AF is back to regular :-) . Same cycle repeated and this time number of injections were reduced and I got a trigger on the 13th day of my cycle. Okay this time it was better, but the result was negative again.I should mention about the doctor and the hospital. The hospital has friendly staff and it is a clean hospital. Doctor would normally be cool and she smiles at us. That smile would make my day everytime I visit her.To be very frank, I am zero in female anatomy as my teachers skipped this lesson during my 9th grade and asked us to leave it in choice question. Hence no knowledge on what happens in my body. Internet search particularly on infertility would confuse me often. Hence I throw most of my questions to Dr.Shanthala and she would patiently answer me or literally explain me. Also she would give details of each tablet she gives. She was open to any question and fears we have. She is always a good support. I like these qualities in her.Waiting time is almost nothing . Sometimes 2-3 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes if we go without appointment. If she is in OT (mostly on Fridays and Saturdays), the waiting time would be very high which could be about 1.5 hours to 3 hours. But this can be avoided by fixing appointment. You get all details about her availability by calling the hospital.With all this I found this hospital and this Doctor to suit my expectations well and decided to continue here without any doubts. Note that it is a newly opened hospital in Koramangala.

by Vishitas Surgery on Blank Business Name
Good Gynecologist on April - 15, 2015

"I think every woman today needs a good and understanding Gynecologist and with this I would refer Dr. Shanthala to all the women out there seeking one. She is one of the best doctors I have come across so far ( after having some pretty bad experiences myself). Dr. Shanthala is very forbearing with her patients. She listens to all your problems and gives very sound medical advice, avoids un-necessary tests and procedures. I underwent a laparoscopic surgery with her and I must say that the way she treated me was excellent. She explained every little detail about the procedure to me and my family and also counselled me when I was freaking out over the surgery :D. Needless to say, the surgery went well and my post-op treatment was too done in the most satisfactory manner. Dr. Shanthala is one of the few doctors who is available to her patients no matter what time they need her advice. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend her to everyone who needs a good Gynecologist."

by Abdul Hameed on Blank Business Name
Highly recommend Dr. ShanthalaThuppannafor all the gynac related surgeries. on April - 13, 2015

My wife was having fibroid from the last 5 years and had grown upto 9 cm, when we consulted most of the doctors said we have to undergo open surgery as the size of the fibroid in big. We dint wanted to undergo for open surgery as my wife had already undergone 2 delivery cesarean, again going for 3rd surgery was not an option for us hence started to look for laparoscopic surgery. After days of google to find a good doctor for laparoscopic surgery and reading review of most of the doctor in the Bangalore city finally settled with DrShanthalaThuppannafrom Nova Hospital. Started browsing the web site of Nova hospital and found they have the coordinator for international patient care sent email with all the previous medical reports after 2 days it was responded that the doctor has reviewed the reports and confirmed the surgery can be done through Laparoscopic. After consultation with DrShanthalathere was a relief that we are at right place. DrShanthala is very cool, cooperative and carefully listensto us and clarified all our doubts we had in our mind and finally fixed the appointment for operation. On the Operation day Dr. Shanthala was at 6.30am sharp and started the operation it took around 3hours for the operation and it was successful, my wife started to walk in ICU itself the same day. Even the Nova hospital staff were very cooperative and well caretaker, facilities were good with quite specious and well maintained rooms. We were very happy and would like to thank all the attended staffs and appreciate Dr. Shanthala for her work and would highly recommend Dr. ShanthalaThuppannafor all the gynac related surgeries. Thank you once again Doctor.

by Kathrin Schoenke on Blank Business Name
Exceptionally caring doctor on May - 10, 2014

When far away from home, it is always a very terrifying experience to get sick and to rely on a medical system that is different from the one at home. Bangalore friends referred me to Dr Shanthala and from the first visit onwards, I had a very good experience. Dr Shanthala patiently listened to my narration of previous health history and recent symptoms and quickly and competently provided a list of possible causes. The initial consultation was then followed by a thorough examination. A local biopsy sample taken during the examination revealed that a hysterectomy was the required and recommended procedure and again Dr Shanthala was well prepared to explain all the surgery option, the possible risks, the steps involved in the procedure and the necessary after-care. The pre-surgery consultation was just in line with the professional visits with Dr Shathala before, and I felt in very good hands and at ease on the day of the surgery. Dr Shanthala was there for me, every steps during the procedure and even in the wake-up room. She visited my hospital room several times during the day and ensured through her instructions to the nurses, that I was made as comfortable as possible. I was able to leave the hospital after only a few days and thanks to the non-evasive type of laparoscopy surgery that Dr Shanthala had performed, I was able to quickly go back to work. What is even better is, that I only have two very small and hardly noticeable scars left, and even these are starting to fade. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr Shanthala to anyone who is searching for a competent, professional and exceptionally caring doctor.

Jun - 17, 2013

We have been consulting Dr. Shanthala for the past 4-5 years. Her diagnosis and acumen in patient care, from a psychological and mental state is impeccable. I had severe bleeding and painful periods due to fibroids in my uterus. She has treated me for sub mucousal fibroids thru' laproscopic surgery and has brought great relief to my condition. It has helped me in resuming a normal life style without much dependability on medicinal treatment. She is an experienced specialist on this area and is highly recomended. She provides ample time to her patients during consultation and address any queries or apprehensions. Overall very happy to have her as my doctor.

by Archana on Blank Business Name
March - 19, 2013

I was diagnosed with fibroids during my mind 20's. Since fibroids are considered as benign tumors, doctors had advised me to wait and watch before we decide on a surgical procedure to remove them. I was under homeopathy medicine to keep the bleeding under control for over 8 years. Things got worse, even though there was no significant growth in size of the fibroids, I experienced heavy bleeding which lasted almost 20 days in a month resulting in severe anemic conditions. I had to take a decision to treat the fibroids differently and that is when I heard about laparoscopic myomectomy My mother read an article about Beams Hospital and told me about it. That is when I came to know about Dr. Shanthala Thuppana. I was in US that time and did my initial research about the procedure in particular. We contacted Dr. Shanthala by email and phone to discuss the possibilities of the procedure to remove fibroids in my case. During my visit to India that year, we took appointment with Dr. Shanthala and had a detailed discussion and I decided to go for the procedure. The entire procedure was very seamless and 2 fibroids were removed. The quality of my life has changed since the procedure and I couldn't thank Dr. Shanthala enough for providing all the right information that helped me make my decision. It is over 2 years since the surgery and I am feeling good and healthy. Thanks to Dr. Shantala Thupanna for a successful surgery.

by Bhavya on Blank Business Name
Infertility services

Best doctor for infertility service, I took treatment from DR. Shanthala .